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Nowadays, our palates have evolved to eat much more adventurously than before, with unexpected ingredient combinations becoming the new norm. We sent our ROKA Cheese Crispies to the Foodpairing Laboratory to find both surprising new combinations in the field of ingredients, or matching food or drinks for the moment of consumption of our Cheese Crispies. You can find the best matches in the Foodpairing tree herewith below.  

"Foodpairing is a method for identifying which foods go aromatic well together. The method is based on the principle that foods combine well with one another when they share major aroma components. Our sense of smell is responsible for 80% of our flavour experience, making aromas a key driver for the creation of food combinations. 

Once the aroma components of a particular food have been analysed, these are compared to a database of several hunderds of other foods and beverages. Products which have components in common with the original ingredient are retained. The results are then graphically presented in a Foodpairing tree. The chosen food is placed  at the center of the tree and sourrounded by possible combinations. The closer to the center, the better the match."